WORKSHOP 6: How did you think of THAT?

By Whistler Writers Festival (other events)

Saturday, October 17 2020 9:00 AM 10:00 AM PST

With Katherine Fawcett

The process of conjuring up characters, settings and tales from thin air may seem like a miracle in itself. Whether it’s a sci-fi fantasy, a travel adventure or a new-fangled fairytale, no story is possible without imagination. In this workshop, we’ll untangle that miracle and look at how curiosity, receptivity, passion and immediacy can sharpen the creative instinct that lurks in us all. Bring a notebook and a writing instrument (e.g.: a rusty nail, a burnt match from most recent arson, a prince’s eyeliner) and prepare to play. Katherine is the author of The Swan Suit, an inventive mash-up of fairytales, folklore and twenty-first century feminism. 

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Whistler BC V8E 0G5